Anónimo: what happened to Niall?????


after you and i (i think) Niall suddenly bent over and held his knee and he didn’t look up, he kept his head down and kept holding his knee and I immediately knew something was wrong. Then when he looked up you could see the pain written over his face, he was trying not to show it so hard, trying to be strong for us. he was walking really really slowly and he was limping, touching his knee again and again. He sang his solos and his parts in the choruses, he really tried. Then he went all the way back from the stage in the middle to get his guitar for little white lies and he was kind of dragging himself up the stairs to his guitar and then he limped all the way back to the front stage, obviously in pain and you know how he usually enjoys little white lies and rocks out and he tried so hard to be strong but… i’m heartbroken, then louis went to check on him later, cos he limped all the way back to the main stage and up the stairs again. and when they left after best song ever, harry was supporting him

idk how he hurt his knee, but he was definitely in a lot of pain and i’ve never seen anything this heartbreaking. i’m feeling so empty and sad. my poor baby. i hope it’s not too bad

Amsterdam - 24/6
Hay tres opciones: o no usas tu cerebro, o no usas tus ojos, o no usas nada.


Para los que no entendáis a qué viene este título para el post, por favor, aunque no sepáis inglés os recomiendo que leáis este post, traducid la página o lo que sea, pero estaría bien leerlo.

De todas formas, como puede que no sea de mucha ayuda la mierda de traductor de google y llevaba ya días queriendo hablar de estos temas, os voy a contar lo que pienso al respecto de esto. Solo para hacer pensar un poquito a esas personas que se dedican a decir a cada día que pasa una evidencia más y más clara de que Larry es real “que las Larry shippers estamos locas e inventamos”.

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So, this happend. That’s one direction’s tumblr. Not a fake one. The photo is not photoshopped.  Check the post here;  Modest probably deleted Harry’s comment, but that doesn’t mean that it fully gets deleted. It gets deleted from their blog. Not everyone else’s. Fuck you modest. Harry came out.
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oye, imbécil ándate a la chucha v__________v

oye ,imbecil te quieromucho:c